Cerex Edit

The Cerex are an alien species that are capable of advanced biology, these creatures work in hives that telepathically communicate with one another in order to work to achieve tasks, these creatures have many hives spread throughout a small volcanic island off the coast of Giria, a continent in Praga, and also onto some of said continent.

Cerex are giant crab-like creatures, with tough outer shells covered in spikes to ward off what would have been millions of years ago, predators. They are coloured dark-grey, and sometimes black, with some glowing blue areas to camouflage into their home island, which consists of high sulfur deposits, making the lava from the two volcanoes blue. They are highly heat resistant.

The Cerex are militaristically superior to many races in the Universe with a horrifying ability to collaborate instantaneously and infest entire planets in the blink of an eye, these creatures are known as well to be mainly insectoid, and reproduce simply by consuming sufficient food.

These creatures are ruled by a mysterious enigma, not much is known about these creatures until the Estis Universe progresses.