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Their bones have collagen, calcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate like most species, however also have deposits of silver in them. The silver in their bones make them a common target in the black market. Their skull is elongated, they have a larger frontal cortex than most other species, Keilok have sharp, pointed teeth as they are carnivores. They have a row of sharp bones going down their back that stick upwards through the flesh. These spikes are thought to have been used as a form of protection from predators, however Keilok do not have many records nor have they been thoroughly studied for the reason to be known. They have a spine that curves slightly forward between the scapula and the neck, making them hunch over. Keilok have long, extremely sharp claws both on their hands and feet. Keilok also have an exo-skeleton due to their flesh being extremely soft and vulnerable. The exoskeleton is similar to a fluid, it isn't actually hard, however when touched it will stiffen and become close to impenetrable. The keilok can morph this exoskeleton to allow them to camouflage, they can look like almost anything. Keilok will often make themselves look like other species in an attempt to not end up on the black market.

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Keilok have had many eye colours in the past, but in present times all but one has left the gene pool. All Keilok now have silver coloured eyes. They have either white or black hair, with black being the dominant phenotype.